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What We Can Do For You - Private Investigator in Williamsport

Missing Persons

Looking for someone? Want to know whether they disappeared voluntarily or if it was foul play? We can help.

Equivical Deaths

Did the police rule it a suicide or accident? Do you believe it was homicide? We can investigate that.

Undercover Operations

Need surveillance done on a cheating spouse or to prove a PFA violation? Need high level security provided for a celebrity or VIP? We can make it  happen.

Unsolved Homicides

Have a Cold Case and can't get any help? This is our speciality!

Background Checks

We go door to door and ask the tough questions to provide our clients with a thorough and complete background investigation. 

Wrongful Arrests

Wrongful arrest? Have you been charged with a crime that you did not commit? We can investigate the case in order to find the real offender and help you clear your name. Private Investigator in Williamsport