308 Allegheny Street, Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania 17740, United States

(570) 865-5439

Mains Investigative Services , LLC

Private Investigator Servicing Central Pennsylvania and Beyond

  • Missing Persons
  • Unsolved Homicide
  • Equivocal Deaths
  • Background Checks
  • Insurance Fraud 
  • Child Custody
  • Undercover Ops
  • Wrongful Arrests

What Separates Us Apart From Other Private Investigators

For one, we charge a one time flat fee instead of an hourly rate and we investigate the case until there is resolution. 

We stand beside the families as an advocate, a spokesperson and an investigator until we reach a mutual resolution.

The two biggest complaints I hear from families is that the investigators never stayed in contact with them and never update them on their progress. We stay in constant contact with the families and your case never goes into a drawer if leads dry up....it is always actively worked. It is my opinion that If leads dry up you have to get off your ass and generate new leads by knocking on doors and asking questions. That's how cases get solved.

Our methods work extremely well for unsolved homicides and missing persons. When you hire us to help your family...you hire us for life.

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